A simple question – What really matters to you? 

This is what we should be asking ourselves at the beginning of 2017 (and constantly throughout the year), and this is what we should be basing any of our goals and resolutions on, because if it doesn’t matter don’t give it energy!

So ask yourself these questions:

  1. What really matters to me? Is it my values, is it certain people in my life, relationships, is it certain things, is it a purpose, is it all of the above? Make a list.
  2. How can I do more of what matters? Are there specific things that you can do every day to accomplish what really matters to you? What areas are you neglecting that you probably didn’t even realise you were neglecting and how can you work on these areas? Write them all down.
  3. How will I feel when I nail what matters to me? This is the key! It is the emotional connection to “what matters in your life” that will drive you to accomplish, enhance, nurture, develop and preserve what really matters to you.  This is the step everyone leaves out – if you don’t know how you want to feel you will never accomplish whatever it is!

There are all sorts of fantastic posts popping up from various gurus of personal development which I am loving at the moment but the one that resonated with me the most is the 5 truly essential questions you should regularly ask yourselves and others according to Dean James Ryan from Harvard Graduate School of Education.

“What Really Matters?”, was just one of these questions.

What I found really interesting after pondering this post, was this address was delivered to the final class of that year at Harvard as their final message as they set forth into the big wide world.

Why isn’t this the first message that is given to all students as they embark on their education?  Imagine if the school system was based on what really matters and framed up that way so that students could see the purpose in everything they study!  Just putting it out there and keen to hear your comments.

Enjoy answering these questions … the answers may be quite enlightening!

Photo caption: What really matters to me – always being there for these two gorgeous young adults, not judging, just supporting and being there.

Here’s to a 2017 that matters!