Do you need an inspirational gift that is affordable to give to a friend, colleague, family member or someone who has done something special for you?

Meet the Empowerme Playing Cards with 54 individual inspiring quotes – the ideal gift, especially for a Christmas present or a stocking filler.  BElieve in YOUrself is the message … be the best version of you that you can be!  There is a lot of focus on people working out what their “life purpose” is … well lets keep it simple and not worry to much about what we do, because if we believe in ourselves and just “BE YOU” then everything else will come naturally.

Very proud of my first ever creation … designed to encourage people to play cards and be inspired at the same time with some funny, some quirky, some hard hitting quotes.

And because I am passionate about people, all proceeds will be donated to YouthLine who are “Changing Lives”.

Lets encourage our teenagers to have fun like we used to … playing cards at the beach was one of those activities.  Challenge yourself if there is a quote that resonates with you and put it to the test with this fun pack of cards!

At only $20 per pack they are affordable, fun and a fantastic gift …  email to place your order.