Having problems coping with a certain situation in your life? Here’s some tips that just might help from a selection of sources …

Surround yourself with friends that you know will give you the best advice … it may not always be what you want to hear but you know you can trust these friends to always support you and you know their advice will help you keep moving forward and that it’s what you need to hear.  It’s important to note here that not all your friends will be able to cope with certain situations you may go through or have the skills to be able to help at the level you need, so choose wisely.

Plan for various scenarios to happen.  Write down all the various scenarios that may happen with whatever it is that you are going through and then work out how you can respond to each one while being kind to yourself and staying true to your values.  This will become your “go to” whenever one of these happens.

Listen to the words you use.  Do you use words like “but” when you talk i.e. but this is different etc.  This is your way of justifying the way you are responding to a situation.  Consciously think about what words you use and remove them from your language.  If you are having to justify something then you probably shouldn’t be doing it.

Life can be like a book.  Maybe what you are going through is just one chapter and you need to choose whether you are going to end that chapter and move on or still be a character in this particular story (the situation you are going through).

Acknowledge the gift.  Most situations teach us something so have a think about what is happening to you and see if it is highlighting one of your weaknesses or maybe a fear.  If you can identify this, this is the gift.  Also if you are a giver yourself and have given a lot to a certain situation, acknowledge it and package it as exactly what it is.

Be true to your values and beliefs.  Always use your values and beliefs as your guide for making any decisions.  If you stay true to your values you should be happy with the decisions that you make.

If you have any other tools that you have learnt while coping with any challenges in your life and you think they could help people please feel free to share.