What clients say

clients of empowerme
Here is a small snapshot of some of the wonderful clients I have had the privilege to work with.  See how Coaching and BodyTalk have helped them unlock their potential.  I have seen clients from young to old and clients who are experiencing many different things including, trauma, head injuries, anxiety and depression, cancer, athletes wanting to improve performance or recover from injuries and clients wanting help to achieve their goals. A huge thank you to my clients who have provided references – for privacy reasons I have not included any names.

Tennis Player on Pro Circuit

A couple of days before I played my first ever US Open, I received a distance body talk session for the first time with Faye. I had recently been struggling with my focus and found it difficult to stick to my routines in-between points. In my first round qualifying match I was very much immersed in the match, and had not felt that level of consistent concentration throughout any match. I did not actually hit the ball particularly well that day but I was relaxed, competed hard and played every point and ended up winning fairly easy against a guy ranking 100 places higher than me. I went on to qualify and win my first round in a extremely successful US Open debut for me. I 100% recommend Body Talk to any athlete because at the highest level of sports there are such small margins and these margins are often due to the mental side.

NZ Elite Cyclist …

Faye has explained that BodyTalk is science, that it’s all quantum physics, but it’s easier for me to understand it by thinking she’s a wizard!  After experiencing a time-release session Faye has completely changed my race prep process for the better.  I used to show up to races with the usual nerves and a slightly sick feeling that wouldn’t pass until I was racing, but with Faye’s help I can walk into any velodrome, any event, any location in the world and a calm, Zen-like feeling washes over me.  This quiet confidence that I now carry with me wherever I go really feels like an edge over the competition.

Faye’s BodyTalk sessions also healed some major physiological issues that I’d been battling with for some time as well!  In one session, without any physical contact, recurring pains and tightness that had been plaguing me simply upped and vanished!  Faye is a switched on woman who knows what she is doing, and I would highly recommend her skills to anyone who is struggling with any kind of issue.

National Touch Champion …

For as long as I can remember I have been a very closed person when it comes to my emotions and one that has battled with injuries over the past few years, my back in particular.  Within two BodyTalk sessions I have had significant results in not only my physical state but my mental and emotional well being as well, where the sessions addressed the link between my long-term injuries and my closed mental and emotional behaviour. The sessions have enabled me to talk to others regarding my life issues as well as allowed me to play the sports I love at the highest level. I strongly believe that BodyTalk is the key to long lasting results.

Rowing injury

“I suffered an injury training for the Gallagher Great Race and Faye helped me overcome the injury in time to race! I was amazed at the power of BodyTalk and how it helped heal my injury. Through BodyTalk Faye was able to understand my situation in life and sport. It was great to see a holistic approach to treatment which gets great results! Faye has true healing hands and I would recommend BodyTalk to anyone.” Sydney University Rower who competed in the 2012 Gallagher Great Race.

Children with challenging behaviour

We came to Faye as our eldest was having severe anxiety, angry and often violent outbursts aimed at his younger brother and general negative behaviours.  Faye immediately made sure he was comfortable and felt included in the conversation, she asked him some of the questions and listened to him and made him feel at ease.  We learnt a way to rebalance his energy each night (balancing cortices) which has helped him go to sleep easier and also gives us some lovely one on one time.  He was noticeably a calmer, less anxious kid, the violent outbursts diminished and if there was an issue you had time to try to defuse the situation before an outburst.  He even received his first Principals award at school after the first session because his behaviour had improved so much!

As a parent, I felt that my needs and expectations were met and we got a comprehensive letter that explained the findings of the sessions.  Faye has such a lovely warmth and understanding that you can’t help but be at ease with her.  She has followed up with our son, just to see how he is going and we have been back to Faye when we could see that a rebalancing session was needed.  I would not hesitate to recommend her to others looking for help with their little ones.

Distance sessions for Children

My son has had a rough start to life suffering severe reflux. He was a very up tight and angry sort of child, he would have countless tantrums in a day, he didn’t sleep through the night either so we were both tired people. Faye starting doing distance sessions on him when he was sleeping, she wouldn’t tell me when she did her session until the next day, but I could always tell the morning after she’d done them. My son was always calmer, and a happier boy, he started to play well with other kids, and he started sleeping through the night, after a session. This was huge for us after 3 years of not sleeping through!  I even had my friends comment that he was a different child!

Eventually my son was comfortable going to Faye’s house for a session as she made him feel very at ease. I still remember very clearly the end of a session and my son was basically falling asleep in her hands, it was amazing to watch.
I can recommend Faye and BodyTalk to anyone, it has helped our household hugely and I will always call on Faye when I feel I need too. Thank you

Helping with grief …

After seeing Faye I felt empowered, stronger emotionally and had a little more understanding of the power of our emotions and their impact and manifestation on us physically. Faye helped me to acknowledge and ‘feel what I was feeling’. I thought that it was a sign of strength to avoid communicating, to not grieve, to not express hurt. Faye listens with a great amount of empathy and equips me with the tools to deal with the little things I often sweat. She makes me see life a little differently now. Most of all I now know it’s OK to cry.

Anxiety and depression

After the session my daughter was more interactive and happier in herself. She still has down times but appears much more assured and open to new things which she was not prior to the session with Faye. I truly feel the time with Faye was a turning point on her road to recovery. I would recommend anyone having time with Faye as it is a relaxed, non threatening environment where people are encouraged in a gentle, kind, non-intimidating  way.

Addressing phobias and negative energy

I went to see Faye to help settle my phobia of birds, work on a few injuries and help with the stress regarding a tutor.  She is magic!  While I still wouldn’t approach birds myself, Faye’s work has stopped me panicking when I have unexpected encounters with birds, which is life changing!

After my sessions with Faye, there have also been subtle changes in my physical health as well as relief in the areas I asked her to work on, such as my lower back.

When I started my second year at Wintec, I encountered problems with my tutor.  I knew exactly the person to go to and after a session with Faye where she cleared negative energy between us, I have been absolutely loving my class.

I would recommend Faye to everyone with any sort of problem.  She is a very approachable person and I have had great results from my sessions with her.

Coaching & BodyTalk together …

“Faye is such a caring, thoughtful and inspirational life coach, who has had a huge impact on my life. I have had a number of sessions with Faye, and each time I’ve come away feeling stronger and more driven to achieve my goals. As well as being an amazing mentor and life coach, Faye has a special gift for BodyTalk and provides a unique healing experience that helps you to align your mind, body and spirit. Faye has a great sense of humour and has a passion for life that is absolutely contagious. I can’t wait for our next session!”

…and another client …

“Faye has a natural ability to listen, understand and identify areas of your life that need attention and improvement. Through BodyTalk and mentoring, Faye was able to uncover past emotions that I had not dealt with and provided me with tools to move forward with my life. BodyTalk sessions with Faye are relaxing and comforting, leaving you feeling revitalised and inspired to take on the world! For a long time, I have struggled to figure out my goals and what I want from life. Faye was amazing at helping me to get to know myself better, build my confidence and help me create my ultimate life. Thank you for everything Faye!”

Recovery from brain injury

During my recovery from a traumatic brain injury I was feeling pretty lost in my life.  Each day I  improved the more lost I began to feel.  Things as I knew them, really didn’t matter any more.  During my recovery I did not want to return to work (a job I had previously loved), I was unable to ride my bike, I was unable to handle social situations, and I wasn’t really me any more – not the me I used to be anyway.

Through working with Faye I started to look for and understand the positives that have come out of this injury.  I am lucky to be here, and I am lucky for the support I have.  Faye helped me find some focus and direction again.  I finally understood that I don’t have to have my entire life mapped out, I don’t even have to have a plan for this year, but to make the most of every opportunity that comes my way.

Faye also helped me unearth what makes me happy, what makes me smile and what makes me, me.  She asked the questions I didn’t even think I knew the answers to!  From here we came up with my personal purpose and I created a vision board that is the first thing I see when I wake up each day.  I am a visual person and this daily reinforces what makes me – me!

Faye is the kindest, most thoughtful caring human I know.  She is thought provoking and the best listener.  If you get the opportunity to work with Faye, take it!

Helping with cancer …

Let’s just say that this client of mine was never interested in anything holistic whatsoever but after being diagnosed with terminal cancer and having a pain in his shoulder of a 9 out of 10 for a year, he asked me if I would give him a session.

As a practitioner we never know how a session is going to go, this is the part I love about BodyTalk. It is the clients’ body that determines the priority and what needs to be addressed.

During the session his shoulder started to get really hot and painful and he actually said to me “What are you doing – it’s getting more painful”? I reassured my client that this meant we were right on the spot.

Prior to the session he couldn’t stand up for any period of time, in fact he would get up out of his seat, walk a short distance to where he needed to go and then sit down again. When the session had finished he walked back into his lounge and wouldn’t sit down. I asked him if he was OK as he was rolling his shoulders. He said the pain had nearly completely gone away – and after having that pain for a year he was amazed!

He had an appointment with his doctor the next morning and said that his doctor was amazed to hear about his experience. This one session gave him relief for several days however due to his bowel and liver cancer being extremely advanced it was only short term relief.

After another session I got a phone call from him the next morning to say “What the bloody hell did you do to me last night? I’ve only just woken up and normally I wake six or seven times during the night. That was the best sleep I have ever had!” I laughed out loud – what a great phone call to get from your brother.

We had lots of laughs but as any of you know who have ever had a family member who has suffered from terminal cancer, it is a horrible thing and there is nothing nice about it. I felt very privileged that this modality I had learnt was able to give him some small relief from pain during those last few weeks.  He went from being a non-believer of this type of treatment to being my biggest advocate and I will never forget those sessions with my brother.