Sports Performance

Enhance your performance by maintaining your bodies own natural energy systems! As an athlete you should be doing everything you can to improve your physical and mental performance.  Your body has it’s own systems which should be maintained  including brain and body chemistry, heart and lungs, circulation and nerve supply,  musculaskeletal system, and much more.  Any emotional barriers or belief systems also have a huge impact on your performance and can also be addressed.

Ready to Race with a Time Release Session

How would you like to feel relaxed but still energized, focused and confident before you race? A time release session can put you in that exact space and is programmed to release at the time you need it.  Athletes already know at what point during a race they feel the weakest and usually which body part is affected – this could be at the beginning or at any stage during a race or game depending on your sport.  This is the time to benefit from a booster time-release session.  Such a session can be stored in the hippocampus of the brain and released at just the right time to help you both mentally and physically get through those tough parts of your competition.  Time release sessions can help with anxiety, nerves, confidence, energy, sore tight muscles, lung and heart performance, and anything that may be holding you back.  See reference at bottom of page from a NZ Elite Cyclist who experienced first hand the benefits of a time release session.

Are you one of those people that doesn’t like flying? A time release session can prepare you for flying and also help get you in the right time zone when you get to your destination!

Try it, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


Do you have old injuries that just aren’t healing, or new injuries that are not responding to traditional treatment? These injuries could be caused by any number of things including anything emotional that you are experiencing.  Did you realise that financial stress, relationship challenges (whether with a coach, partner, teacher etc), grief, work issues etc can all be stored in your body as an injury which can be easily released through a BodyTalk session!  Anything that you are going through in life can have an impact on your body.  A BodyTalk session is non-intrusive, relaxing and energizing, with not a drug in sight, ideal for recovery as well as helping heal injuries.

See testimonial from National Touch Champion below and how a session helped heal his injuries and also helped with mental and emotional state.


How would you like to speed up your recovery after a tough training session or race?  Balancing the Cortices of the brain is a special technique that can be used straight after any hard training session or competition.  It takes approximately one minute and is something you can do yourself.  It can also be used pre-competition.  By balancing the Cortices in the brain it is like hitting the re-set button on your computer.  This technique improves thinking ability, memory and concentration, stress reduction, enhanced general physiological functioning of the body and feeling more physically relaxed and essentially speeds up the recovery process.  This is a great compliment to all other recovery techniques.

The Endocrine System & Fine Tuning Performance

The endocrine system is responsible for sleeping, metabolism, stress (adrenal fatigue), growth, blood pressure, adrenaline, temperature regulation and pain relief.  All of these functions are required to be at their best if you are an athlete but do you know how to look after your endocrine system? A BodyTalk session fine-tunes the synchronization of all bodily systems to help achieve peak performance.    During a session we are able to balance and synchronize all enzymes and hormone levels for peak performance and promote healthy internal chemistry  in the body for an efficient, self-sustaining endocrine system.

Performance Anxiety

Do you fall apart under pressure? Do you perform well in practice but become stressed when its time to race? A BodyTalk session can dis-empower powerful belief systems surrounding performance anxiety such as “I’m not good enough” or “What if I lose” or “I always fail when I have to make a certain time”.  Whatever it is that is making you nervous or anxious, it can be addressed.


You may be drinking plenty of water, but is it being fully absorbed by all the right muscles and organs in your body?  A specific technique in BodyTalk directed at hydration, assures that the water you are drinking is getting to all the right places.  Hydration is crucial for an athlete but don’t expect that just because you are drinking a lot of water that you are hydrated.

Balancing your body parts for extra energy

Did you know that all your body parts have reciprocals?  An example of this is the right shoulder and left hip, right elbow and left knee, left ankle and right wrist, upper spine to lower spine etc.  By balancing the reciprocals you find your performance can be enhanced and often an injury in one body party can sometimes be addressed through its reciprocal.  A session addresses the reciprocals with a very simple technique which is non invasive and can have huge benefits on your performance and your general well being.

NZ Elite Cyclist after Time Release Session

Faye explained that BodyTalk is a science, that it’s all quantum physics, but it’s easier for me to understand it by thinking she’s a wizard!  Faye has completely changed my race prep process for the better.  I used to show up to races with the usual nerves and a slightly sick feeling that wouldn’t pass until I was racing, but with Faye’s help I can walk into any velodrome, any event, any location in the world and a calm, zen-like feeling washes over me.  This quiet confidence that I now carry with me wherever I go really feels like an edge over the competition.

Faye’s BodyTalk sessions also healed some major physiological issues that I’d been battling with for some time as well!  In one session, without any physical contact, recurring pains and tightness that had been plaguing me simply upped and vanished!  Faye is a switched on woman who knows what she is doing and I would highly recommend her skills to anyone who is struggling with any kind of issues.

National Touch Champion on injuries and mental & emotional well being

For as long as I can remember I have been a very closed person when it comes to my emotions and one that has battled with injuries over the past few years, my back in particular.  Within two BodyTalk sessions I have had significant results in not only my physical state but my mental and emotional well being as well, where the sessions addressed the link between my long-term injuries and my closed mental and emotional behaviour.  The sessions have enabled me to talk to others regarding my life issues as well as allowed me to play the sports I love at the highest level.  I strongly believe that BodyTalk is the key to long lasting results.

Want to enhance your performance? Exciting Workshop coming soon … watch this space! 

I am lucky enough to be joining forces with the well known Sports Psychologist DG (David Galbraith) to present a workshop on “How to Unleash your Greatness as a Person and successful Athlete”.  If you would like more information on the workshop or to discuss how BodyTalk sessions can help enhance your performance please contact Faye on 021 888 420.  See other testimonials from athletes who have used BodyTalk to help with injuries and enhance their performance.