This “tall skinny white guy” has become a friend in recent years.  Wow, what a guy.  Right from when you first meet “DG” there is something very unique that happens – an authentic experience that will totally challenge and inspire you.

David is the author of Unleashing Greatness – In Sport and Life through the Pathway of Courage.  He is such a cool guy that all the proceeds from the sale of this book go to his Pathway 1 Foundation to provide scholarships for young New Zealanders striving to Unleash their Greatness on the world stage and to research into how to deal with the plastic waste that is destroying our oceans.

David challenges you to read his book and then pass it on to someone who you think will benefit from it but may not be able to afford a copy themselves; thereby inspiring them to unleash their greatness.

It is DG who has helped encourage me to follow my passion and set up empowerme – his story is a great one and he truly inspires a legacy of courage and has most definitely made me challenge myself.  I use the Unleashing Greatness techniques in my sessions.

DG also has strong family values, doesn’t care what he looks like and I don’t think we have ever had a catch up where we haven’t laughed… a lot!

It’s time to Unleash Your Greatness!!  To purchase a copy of David’s book please visit his website… or