The secret to getting what you want …

The Secret to getting what you want ... Read on to learn the three most important things you need to know when setting goals ... First of all you have to know what you want ... and for some people that can be quite challenging!  For the purpose of this blog lets assume that you know [...]

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WORKSHOP – Unleash your Greatness!

I am excited to announce a Workshop which I will be co-presenting with DG (David Galbraith) author of Unleashing your Greatness and a very highly respected Sports Psychologist who has inspired me over the last few years. This Workshop is ideal for anyone wanting to Unleash their Greatness and excel in life.  During this half day [...]

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Inspirational playing cards … proceeds to Youthline for teenage suicide

"Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will" Sometimes you just have to give things a go ... don't wait for all the ducks to be lined up in a row, just go for it. I recently received an email from a dear friend in Austin Texas saying she had gifted a pack of my [...]

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Inspirational Gift … Ideal for Christmas!

Do you need an inspirational gift that is affordable to give to a friend, colleague, family member or someone who has done something special for you? Meet the Empowerme Playing Cards with 54 individual inspiring quotes - the ideal gift, especially for a Christmas present or a stocking filler.  BElieve in YOUrself is the message ... be the best [...]

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The Minds Unlimited Potential …

"The rational mind is a faithful servant, and the intuitive mind is a sacred gift.  We have created a society that honors the servant, and has forgotten the gift" Albert Einstein I love how all our inventors, artists and musicians used their intuitive mind to its full potential.  Mozart, in his letters, recorded how he heard, [...]

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