About Faye

 I am passionate about people and whether I am empowering you to unlock your potential, helping you deal with a challenge in your life or making that special ceremony memorable and meaningful you can be assured of my professionalism and passion.

Your journey through life will have it’s highs and lows and I feel privileged to be able to work with my clients to support, empower and celebrate.

As a qualified BodyTalk Practitioner, Life Coach and Celebrant I feel privileged to be able to help clients to evolve their lives spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally.  (My testimonial and Celebrant pages both have references and inspirational stories from my clients)

Through my own life experiences and personal development I have learnt many tools, skills and techniques which I am inspired to share.  I would like to share with you my personal challenges that have added to my life story, led me to discover where my passion lies and ultimately why I do what I do ….

When life hands you lemons …

I lived most of my life in what I would call a very sheltered existence with no major dramas or traumas in our family as I was growing up.  I was brought up on a farm in Ohaupo and was the youngest of four children by 13 years – some may call me a mistake but I prefer to use the term “a wonderful surprise”!

I had a great life and ended up getting married, building a beautiful house on a lifestyle block and having two fantastic children who are now both young adults. We started our own retail business and traveled to several amazing countries and spent a lot of family spare time at many of New Zealand and Australia’s great lakes and rivers competing in water ski racing.

At around 44 years old I ended up being a single parent after separating from my husband after 18 years of marriage. This was and still is the hardest challenge I have ever been through in my life, and unbeknown to me it was the first of a few tough times.

Not long after this my second to eldest brother was diagnosed with terminal cancer and approximately one year later my eldest brother was killed in an horrendous truck accident! In the space of just over two years I lost both my brothers and they were closely followed by my Father and then my Mum!

A rather challenging time for our whole family as you can imagine with only my sister and myself surviving the rest of the immediate family…clearly the females in our family are the stronger breed (I talk about how important a sense of humor is later!).  I have always believed that out of something bad usually comes something good, that there is always someone who is worse off, and when life hands you lemons…make lemonade!

It needs to be noted here that whilst these were huge challenges for me at the time, some of my clients have been through far worse. It’s not always that easy to be positive when experiencing lifes challenges.  All I wish to achieve from this page is to share with you the things that helped me through my journey and still work for me today …

My lemonade recipe…

  • A big dose of courage (and the strength to use it)
  • Very supportive family, friends, workmates
  • A positive attitude (sometimes not as easy as it sounds)
  • BodyTalk sessions (life changing for me!)
  • A great sense of humor (never underestimate this one!)
  • The will to get the best out of every situation  (what is the lesson?)
  • The shedding of lots of tears (never be afraid to let those emotions flow)
  • Some goal setting (so you have something to look forward to)
  • Exercise (there is a scientific reason why exercise helps  you survive tough times)
  • Lots of fun times! (You have to try and keep a balance!)

Mix all of the above together and you will gain strength to help you deal with lifes challenges – this is my lemonade for life!

More of my story …

Just prior to my first brother being killed I had traveled to Australia and became a BodyTalk practitioner (see Healthcare page for more information on BodyTalk).  They say everything happens for a reason well I know that learning BodyTalk helped me through that very tough period of my life and it also changed my outlook on death.  Prior to this I had experienced BodyTalk sessions myself to help me get through my separation and it was during this time that I decided I should learn more about this modality and became a practitioner myself.

I have attended many courses over the years as I have a passion for people and learning – particularly about the body and the mind.  I also have a passion for any sort of sport and high performing athletes and am lucky enough to be working for Cycling New Zealand at the world class Avantidrome.

I have worked with many clients and I have seen some significant life changing transformations, in some cases after only one session  It is these transformations that inspire me to do what I do… this is my passion.  Please see my Clients’ Testimonials to gain an insight into just some of these transformations and to find out more about how BodyTalk and Coaching has helped my clients.

As well as being a qualified BodyTalk Practitioner I am a qualified Life Coach and Celebrant.  Due to the huge attrition of my family, by default I ended up speaking at my eldest brothers funeral and my Father decided I would be a great celebrant and wanted me to take his funeral when he passed away.  Long story short my fathers funeral was the first of many, followed by my mothers then many more.  I consider it a real privilege to be able to carry out this role and it is one which I am very proud of.

Being a marriage celebrant is lots of fun and I thoroughly enjoy working with couples to ensure their special day is memorable and meaningful.

Please feel free to call me if you have any questions or would like to book an appointment.

I look forward to meeting you …